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Ginger Thai 10kg

It’s with a hot, ginger-peppery flavor, which is used primarily as a seasoning. It can be cooked for stir fry with vegetable or in soup. Ginger’s spicy can produce a kind of antioxidant enzymes, which has a strong ability to deal with oxygen free radicals, and it’s also much stronger than vitamin E. Therefore, eating ginger can be anti-aging. Ginger originated in the southern provinces of China and India, where it has been used in food and medicines for over 5000 years. Ginger is a root crop that has a pungent spicy aroma and characteristic taste and fresh ginger is a key flavour in many Asian cuisines. Use ginger for flavour in stir fries, salads, soups and marinades. Add to food at the end of cooking as ginger loses its flavour the longer it cooks. Use in marinades or grate to make tea.