14 Pavillion Drive, Airport Oaks, Auckland


Wong Bok P/P 8ct--Big

Wong Bok has a sweet, mild flavor which is quite different to European cabbage. While the leaf blades can be slightly peppery, the thick white ribs are sweet and juicy. The inner leaves have been protected from the sun, so are particularly tender and succulent. There is almost no end to the ways wombok can be used. Its sweet flavour and crunchy texture make it perfect for use in a coleslaw, or as a change from shredded lettuce on a sandwich or hamburger. Shredded wombok is also a key ingredient in dumplings and rolls. The famous Korean relish kim chee is made from wombok pickled in salt, garlic and chilli. It can also be boiled in a soup, braised in a casserole, or stir fried with other ingredients. The leaves can be used as wrappers for other foods during steaming. As it absorbs flavours during cooking, it is equally at home in a spicy meat dish or a delicately flavoured stir fry with fish or tofu.