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Drinking Coconut 9ct-HF

Healthy n Fresh drinking coconuts are young and slightly immature coconuts harvested in Thailand when they are 5-7 months of age for drinking.Coconut water contains sugar,fiber,proteins,antioxidants,vitamins and minerals, and provides an isotonic electrolyte balance.It is consumed as a refreshing drink throughout the humid tropics and is gaining popularity as an isotonic sports drink.The coconut flesh,which is translucent,jelly-like meat,can be scooped out with a spoon and eaten. Coconut water health benefits Young tender coconut water has the following benefits and medicinal values: • Low in Carbohydrates • Low in Fat 99% Fat Free • Low in natural occurring sugar • Keeps the body cool and at the proper temperature. • Natural drink for feeding infants suffering from intestinal disturbances. • Excellent oral re-hydration medium, an all natural isotonic for all ages. • Maintains the human body's natural fluid levels. • Found as a blood plasma substitute because it is sterile, does not produce heat, and does not destroy red blood cells and is readily accepted by the body. • Excellent all natural water to drink while Relaxing, Meditating, Driving, Eating, Running, Aerobics, Working, Skiing, Mountain Biking, Exercising, Body Building, Surfing, Fishing, Snow Boarding, Working Out, Surfing, Physical Activities, or Exertion of any kind.