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Feijoas fruits are ellipsoid shaped, similar to an egg. The color and texture of the skin both resemble that of a lime. The fruit has distinctive aromatics both sweet and tart and suggestive of its tropical flavors. The flesh is dense, grainy and creamy, similar to the flesh of a ripe pear. The flesh contains a jelly-like seed cavity. Its flavors are a melange of quince, pineapple, banana and sweet grapes. The entire fruit is edible. The fruit is usually eaten by cutting it in half, then scooping out the pulp with a spoon. It is popular in New Zealand to stew them in a pot with sugar and serve hot with vanilla ice cream in the wintertime. The fruits have a juicy sweet seed pulp, and slightly gritty flesh nearer the skin. The flavour is aromatic and sweet. The skin itself is tart and sour but also edible. If the utensils needed to eat it this way are not available, the feijoa can be torn or bitten in half, and the contents squeezed out and consumed.