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杏 Apricots

Our apricots grows in Roxburgh, Central Otago New Zealand. The area is renowned for its ability to produce high quality late season fruit due to the cold winters and the dry hot summers. Roxburgh is one of the most Southern growing regions in the world with a latitude of 45.30� degrees South. The fruiting season begins in early January, and finishes by late February. An apricot contains approximately 18 calories; ranks high in vitamins A and C and is one of the best fruit sources of minerals, iron and potassium. Apricots are rich in antioxidants Vitamins A and C. Numerous studies suggest that Vitamin A, also known as Beta-carotene may offer protection against certain cancers and is excellent for eye and heart health. Apricots contain Iron, Copper and Potassium which, may help in treating anemia. The high soluble fibre content can help the digestive system. Available season: Jan, Feb