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Deep Fried or Grilled Eggplants

Deep Fried or Grilled Eggplants
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Eggplants, Peanut, canola or vegetable oil


For deep-frying, leave long eggplants whole and cut 3-4 slits through the skin and for round eggplants cut in half. Then deep fry until the center of the eggplant is soft.

For grilling, leave Japanese long eggplants whole and brush the eggplant with oil and poke a few holes through the skin. Put on a grill for about 15 minutes. Turn eggplants so they will cook evenly. If the skin gets charred, place the eggplants in cold water and peel off the charred skin.

Dip the cooked eggplants as you are eating them into the Ponsu sauce with grated daikon.

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