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Sponge Gourd & Bean Curd

Sponge Gourd & Bean Curd
Serves: Ready In:


· 3 Japanese bean curd, 2 sponge gourd, 1/2 tbsp dried shrimp
· 3 clove garlic
· A little of corn flour solution


1. Cut Japanese bean curd in rectangle shape, deep fries till golden brown, transfer it to platter.

2. Peeled sponge gourd and cut it in rectangle shape too, then stir-fry with hot oil, dish up and soak into hot water, dish up and drain. Add dry shrimp, garlic and oyster sauce and stew it till sponge gourd tender. Remove it and place it in between deep fry bean curd.

3. Heat a wok, pour in dressing ingredients, bring to the boil, and add corn flour solution when the stock starts boiling, spoon dressing over the bean curd and sponge gourd.