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Spicy Sponge Gourd Soup

Spicy Sponge Gourd Soup
Serves: Ready In:


1tsp ground black pepper

2 cm fresh galangal

3 shallots

1 tsp brown miso paste

1L vegetable stock

200g pumpkin

1 medium sponge gourd

1 cup fresh baby corn cooked (or broccoli)

100g mushrooms

1tsp light soy sauce

½ cup Thai sweet basil leaves


1.Pound the pepper, galangal, shallots and miso paste together in a mortar, mix to a paste. Alternatively, place all these in a blender. The mixture need not be smooth. Place the spice mix in a saucepan with vegetable stock.

2.Cut pumpkin and gourd into cubes. Cut baby corn (or broccoli) into the same size. Roughly chop mushrooms and add to the pot with pumpkin, and corn (or broccoli); cook until pumpkin is tender. Add the gourd and continue to simmer until just done. Adjust the seasoning with soy sauce.

3.Remove from the heat and add basil leaves to serve.