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Watercress Sandwiches

Watercress Sandwiches
Serves: Ready In:


1/2 cup watercress springs 
1/4 cup fresh parsley leaves 
1/4 cup butter, softened 
4 oz (half of an 8 oz. package) cream cheese, softened 
2 tbsp. finely chopped chives 
salt & pepper to taste 
8 slices large firm white bread, crusts removed


·        In food processor, with chopping blade, process watercress and parsley until finely chopped.

·        Add butter, cream cheese, chives, salt and pepper; process until mixture turns green.

·        Spread mixture on half the bread slices and top with remaining slices. Cut each sandwich diagonally into 4 triangles. Place on a tray or plate; cover with slightly damp paper towel and plastic wrap. Refrigerate until serving time.

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