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Mushroom Percel Salad

Mushroom Percel Salad
Serves: Ready In:


35g Healthy n Fresh Shiitake Mushroom 
25g Healthy n Fresh Phoenix Tail Mushroom 
25g Healthy n Fresh Snow Needle Mushroom 
25g Healthy n Fresh Golden Needle Mushroom 
3gButter (OV Salted) 
2 Tbl Spoon Soy Sauce
2 Tbl Spoon Japanese Sake Wine 
Chili Pepper (a little)
Spring Onion (a little)
30cm x 30cm Baking Paper


1.    Cut all mushrooms except 1 whole Shiitake to garnish;
2.     Put the whole piece Shiitake on top of other mushrooms onto a baking paper;
3.    Pour the soy sauce, sake wine, butter onto mushrooms;
4.    Sprinkle the  chili pepper;
5.     Wrap and close the baking paper;
6.    Steam or microwave (90 seconds) until butter melts and heats up;
7.    Unwrap baking paper a little, toss finely chopped spring onion.


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